4 stars 4
This place is like a production mill. Dr. Ford always seems to be in a rush to stay on schedule and get to the next patient. I appreciate this, but it would be good if he was just a little more relaxed. I shouldn't pick up on his need to get through my appointment. Though the staff is personable, I DO NOT appreciate being lied to and then being patronized when I call them out on it. Went in for evaluation for cataract surgery, get to scheduling and am told BOTH eyes need to be done, when I had JUST discussed doing only one eye with Dr. Ford. Asked scheduler, Dana, to double check. She has someone go to check with Dr. Ford. They come back, claiming she spoke with Dr. Ford, and he said, "Yes. Two eyes." I happen to need to go back to see Dr. Ford to check retina after dilation and I asked him, "Two eyes? Thought only one." He says, "ONE EYE ONLY. Other eye doesn't need it." He said NO ONE came to ask him. Then I'm told by Steph (#2) that it was "miscommunication." REALLY??? I was sitting RIGHT THERE. I know what I asked and what I heard. There was NO MISCOMMUNICATION INVOLVED. I was lied to. Now they want me to let them work on my eyes? Complete loss of trust involved. Will have to go somewhere else.UPDATE 12/12/16 - This practice takes their patient critiques very seriously. After several phone calls from the practice administrator Vicki, who worked hard to regain my trust and confidence, I was able to see the doctor I was originally referred to, Dr. Kato, who was extremely thorough, just like Dr. Ford. The difference was there was a bit of a better personality match. I am very pleased at the care I am now receiving and the fact that the practice used my experience to provide needed training to their staff. I am scheduled for my surgery, and hope all goes well.Would have given more stars, but the check-in staff don't smile. Everyone looks like they absolutely hate being at work.SMILE PEOPLE. Life is good.

5 stars 5
In my experience, they've been just fantastic. I went once at the old office many years ago and once recently and both times my problem was taken seriously.It's an enormous practice, though, so there could very well be some bad staff that the other reviewers have seen. My experiences so far have been very good.

5 stars 5
She is absolutely amazing
5 stars 5
Dr. Ford is a wonderful doctor and a talented surgeon. I went in for a pterygium extraction because my vision was impaired. He diagnosed the problem quickly and surgically removed the pterygium. It is very difficult when you lose vision at 41 even if it was only in one eye. After the surgery my eyesight is clear in my outlook on life is positive. The staff at Tallahassee Eye Associates is very professional and courteous. I would recommend them to any of my family and friends.

5 stars 5
He has an excellent bedside manner, caring, knowledgeable, thorough.

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