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Introducing ORA: The Latest Advancement in Cataract Technology

We are the only practice in the area using this technology!


The ORA System® with VerifEye®+ Technology is an incredible technological advancement that allows for a very accurate customized intraocular lens calculation at the time of surgery using real-time data and laser guidance. This state-of-the-art technology makes it much more likely that patients will not have to wear glasses after surgery. The ORA calculates for the implant after the cataract is removed. What type of vision do you prefer? Excellent Distance? ORA helps correct residual astigmatism and select IOL power to give patients the best possible distance vision. Need an improved full range of vision? The ORA helps eliminate or reduce astigmatism while assisting in IOL power selection with a multifocal implant.

Eye Associates of Tallahassee has taken cataract surgery to a whole new level with the most advanced diagnostic cataract tool in decades.

We are proud to be the only practice in this area to offer the latest premium ORA Technology used during cataract surgeries. ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) Technology provides the surgeon with precise measurements. DURING your cataract surgery. Adding ORA technology may eliminate your dependence on eyeglasses and enhance your surgical outcome.

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