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What sets us apart from most optical shops, is the fact that our full-service optical center is staffed by Fully-Licensed Florida Opticians. Our Licensed Opticians can fit frames with your specific lenses to provide you with the ultimate fit and fashion.They are also able to provide services to assists with each individual frame for precise optics and fit along with adjusting frames and repairs. Licensed opticians are also required to take continuing education courses that keep them current in the optical profession which ours are eager to do in order to provide the best care possible.

Our full-service optical center supplies a premium selection of frames for children and adults. These include designer labels for your glasses such as our newest frames by Lafont, Oliver Peoples and sunglasses that are all are crafted with quality and precision.  

Advanced technology in lenses and frames has given the eyeglass wearer more choices than ever before. Our opticians will explain which products are available today and how they will give you the best possible vision. Below are just some of the choices when it comes to specialized lenses.

Inside of the optical shop at Eye Associates of Tallahassee

Switch From Eyeglasses To Sunglasses Automatically With Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses adjust to changing lighting situations and are a nice option if you prefer a lighter shading to your sunglasses. Transitions lenses are great for children who have trouble keeping up with sunglasses.

Problem With Nighttime Glare?

Anti-reflective lenses increase the quality of clear vision by reducing nighttime glare from headlights, taillights, and street lights. Anti-reflective lenses also reduce eyestrain and fatigue caused by reflections in the typical office environment by overhead lighting and long hours of computer use.

Spend A Lot Of Time On The Computer?

Young beautiful woman with red hair, wearing glasses, working in the office, uses a laptop and mobile phone

To relieve eyestrain known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), caused by visually intense computer work, consider computer glasses. These specially designed glasses deliver exceptionally wide range intermediate and near viewing zones with optimal periphery and positioning that also relieves neck and shoulder pain while working long hours on the computer.

Want Sharper Focus?

The quality of your vision depends on the quality of your lenses. Premium progressive lenses in the new digital surface designs provide the wearer as close to natural vision as possible with a multi-focal, sharper focus and smooth transitions from one focal distance to another.

Spend A Lot Of Time In The Sun?

For the highest available light reduction in bright, direct sunlight while enhancing color and contrast, consider polarized sunglasses such as Maui Jim and Costa Del Mar. Polarized lenses block 100% of harmful UV light and 99% of glare.

Come in and see us at Eye Associates of Tallahassee and enjoy the advantages of having your optician in the same office as your eye doctor.

Improve Your Vision… Improve Your Life!

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