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Fang Sarah Ko, M.D.


Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD


Harbor Hospital
Baltimore, MD


Wilmer Eye Institute
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD

Fellowship in Glaucoma Medical and Surgical Management

Moorfields Eye Hospital
London, UK

Medical School

Florida State University 
Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology


English, Mandarin/Chinese

Specialty Interests
  • Comprehensive Ophthalmology
  • Medical and Surgical treatment of Advanced Glaucoma
  • Small Incision Cataract Surgery
  • Premium Implants (Multifocal and Toric) using Intraoperative ORA Technology to help achieve spectacle independence

Fang Sarah Ko, M.D.

Dr. Fang Sarah Ko is a Florida native who grew up in Tallahassee and graduated from Lincoln High School. Dr. Ko is dedicated to serving people in the Tallahassee community and has volunteered at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and as a simultaneous translator at the Tallahassee Chinese Christian Church.

Dr. Ko attended Harvard where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in biochemistry. She then attended Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where she was awarded the Stephen J. Ryan Prize in Ophthalmology. She received residency training at Wilmer Eye Institute and went on to a fellowship at the elite Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

She has volunteered her time toward increasing availability of cataract surgery in underserved rural areas and provided free cataract surgery in rural China. Dr. Ko is dedicated to blindness prevention through management of ocular diseases, especially glaucoma. Dr. Ko has also published numerous papers and book chapters on a wide variety of topics in ophthalmology.

Dr. Ko enjoys the outdoors and traveling with her family.To learn more about Dr. Fang Sarah Ko, click here http://goo.gl/QcJPco  to listen to her on Tallahassee Talks with Brien  Sorne.


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Book Chapters:

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