Is LASIK Safe?

LASIK eye surgery has become an increasingly popular option for people looking to reduce their dependency on glasses or contacts. Like any surgery, LASIK does come with potential risks and side effects that vary from patient to patient.  Keep reading to find out if LASIK is safe! What Is LASIK?  LASIK is an abbreviation for… Read More

Will Ptosis Surgery Improve My Vision?

Are drooping eyelids affecting your ability to see? Sometimes, impaired vision is not the result of a refractive error or another kind of eye condition inside the eye.  For some people, drooping or sagging eyelids can cause vision impairment. The extent to which an eyelid droops can vary widely.  If the drooping is severe enough… Read More

What Is The Difference Between Laser Cataract Surgery and Traditional Cataract Surgery?

Do you have a cataract that needs to be removed? When a cataract begins to interfere with your daily activities, it’s time to consider cataract surgery. A cataract is a cloudy area that forms on your eye’s lens. They usually develop gradually as you age, occurring most frequently in those who are fifty-five and older…. Read More

Do I Need Eyelid Surgery?

Your eyelids do much more than blink! They play a crucial role in the health of your eyes.  Located both above and below your eyes, this thin layer of skin protects your eyes from injury and debris. It even shields you from bright lights. Your eyelids also help distribute tears across the surface of your… Read More

What Oculoplastic Procedure is Right For Me?

Oculoplastic surgery refers to a range of procedures involving the eyelids, tear ducts, and other areas around the eye. It can treat many conditions. These range from droopy eyelids and obstructed tear ducts to eyelid tumors. This type of procedure can be performed for both medical and cosmetic reasons. It includes techniques that rejuvenate your… Read More

6 Tips and Tricks Before Your LASIK Surgery

Are you planning to get LASIK? With the ability to dramatically improve your vision, laser eye surgery is one of the most exciting procedures available.  Rather than just showing up on the day of your surgery, there are some ways you can prepare yourself for the procedure of a lifetime. Not only will these keep… Read More

Can Getting A Blepharoplasty Make Me Look Younger?

Maintaining a youthful look is a desire for many people. From drooping lids and wrinkles to puffiness, the area around your eyes is often one of the first to display the effects of time.  Although lotions or serums may be able to offset the look of aging, these can only do so much. Fortunately, there’s… Read More

6 Signs You’re Ready For Something Like LASIK

LASIK is more than just a way to sharpen your vision. It can change your whole world! LASIK can give you an entirely new outlook on life by reducing your dependency on contact lenses or glasses through permanent vision correction. LASIK has become one of the most popular elective surgeries available in recent years.  Many… Read More

Don’t Get Fooled By Misleading LASIK Advertising

Are you considering LASIK? Although it is a fantastic way of achieving visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses, it’s crucial to do your research. Not all LASIK surgeons and practices that offer this vision correction procedure are created equal. If a provider is offering a deal that sounds too good to be true, seems… Read More