To be Frank…

 Why did you decide to go into ophthalmology? I have always wanted to be a doctor, at least that’s what my mother told me.  I was influenced by my father, an ophthalmologist in Miami, and my mother, a registered nurse. However, I knew nothing about ophthalmology or any other medical field except that doctors were… Read More

Everything You Need To Know About The New PanOptix IOL

Have you heard the big news? On August 26th, 2019, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the PanOptix IOL. The PanOptix IOL is the newest advancement in cataract surgery. Eye Associates of Tallahassee’s ophthalmologist, Dr. Tony Weaver, discussed how the PanOptix IOL could change the future of cataract surgery. Weaver, who has been an ophthalmologist for… Read More

Don’t Forget Your Child’s Back To School Eye Exam

August is a busy time of the year for most parents as they scramble to get everything together in time to send their kids back to school. Haircuts, fall clothes, new backpacks, and school supplies are probably just a few of the things on your to-do list right now. There is one item that is… Read More

5 Tips to Protect Your Child’s Eyes This Summer

Did you know that 80 percent of your child’s learning will be done with their eyes? Good vision is required to read, write, and use an iPad and other classroom materials. Without good vision, children can struggle with even the most basic tasks and fall behind. Summer means a break from school but you still… Read More

Cataracts | 5 Early Warning Signs | Eye Associates of Tallahassee

Many people believe that if there was a problem with their eyes, they would notice before it severely impacted their vision. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some of the most common eyes diseases like cataracts can develop so slowly and painlessly that people don’t notice the symptoms early on. A cataract is formed when… Read More

3 Reasons You Need Yearly Comprehensive Eye Exams

We are often asked why it is important to have yearly comprehensive eye exams. If you don’t have a family history of eye disease and you don’t have any visions problems, do you really need to schedule yearly eye exams? What is the point of a yearly exam when nothing ever seems to change with… Read More

Glaucoma: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Glaucoma is a disease that develops when the eyes are unable to drain fluid. The channels that would normally drain the fluid become blocked, causing pressure to build in the eyes. This pressure damages the optic nerve and can cause permanent vision loss. Glaucoma is a terrible disease to have but it is treatable and when… Read More

5 Warning Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Kids need many tools to help them succeed in school but the most important tools that will help determine their success is clear vision. Up to 80 percent of your child’s learning will be done with their eyes, so if their vision is not functioning properly, their performance in school and extracurricular activities will suffer…. Read More

What To Think About When Looking For Vision Insurance

Proper eye care requires proactive attention, but like most things in life taking care of your eyes costs money. Cost and lack of eye care insurance are among the main reasons why many Americans skip visiting their eye doctor for a regular eye exam according to the CDC. Most people worry about health insurance because a… Read More

Understanding Differently Colored Eyes (AKA Heterochromia)

For some, the idea of two different eye colors is eerie while for others it’s a beautiful eccentricity. The official name for this unique trait is heterochromia iridum.  What Is Heterochromia Iridum?  There are different kinds of heterochromia iridum: complete, partial, or central. When a person’s iris is a completely different color than the other… Read More