Are There Different Kinds of Glaucoma?

Have you or someone you love recently found out you have glaucoma? You’re not alone because about three million Americans have this eye condition. Yet, not every incidence or kind of glaucoma is the same. There are several different kinds, with varying causes and symptoms for each. It is crucial to identify the exact type… Read More

What is Ptosis?

Do you have droopy or saggy eyelids that make you look tired or older than you are? Do they make it harder to see? If so, these may be signs of a condition called ptosis. When you have ptosis, it causes the eyelid to sag. This may be only slightly or enough to partially or… Read More

Could Your Dry Eyes Be Due To Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

Do your eyes often feel dry, irritated, or cause feelings of discomfort? For most people, dry eyes are a temporary problem. Going to sleep, taking a break from your screen, or putting in eye drops can soothe your eyes until they begin producing tears again. However, dysfunction of the meibomian glands can cause your eyes… Read More

Don’t Get Fooled By Misleading LASIK Advertising

Are you considering LASIK? Although it is a fantastic way of achieving visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses, it’s crucial to do your research. Not all LASIK surgeons and practices that offer this vision correction procedure are created equal. If a provider is offering a deal that sounds too good to be true, seems… Read More

Why a Premium Lens Like the Vivity IOL is Life-Changing

Do you or someone you love have cataracts? You may be wondering if you need cataract surgery. With this decision also comes what kind of intraocular lens to choose before having cataract surgery. Choosing an intraocular lens (IOL) should involve taking your lifestyle and vision goals after cataract surgery into account. For many people, a… Read More

To be Frank…

Dr. Skilling retires after forty-five years in ophthalmology There aren’t enough words to describe Dr. Francis Skilling’s forty-five-year tenure in the medical field. After forty-two years at Eye Associates of Tallahassee and serving thousands of patients, Dr. Skilling’s retirement is bittersweet to many. He has been a leader in the North Florida medical community, and… Read More

Everything You Need To Know About The New PanOptix IOL

Have you heard the big news? On August 26th, 2019, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the PanOptix IOL. The PanOptix IOL is the newest advancement in cataract surgery. Eye Associates of Tallahassee’s ophthalmologist, Dr. Tony Weaver, discussed how the PanOptix IOL could change the future of cataract surgery. Weaver, who has been an ophthalmologist for… Read More

Don’t Forget Your Child’s Back To School Eye Exam

August is a busy time of the year for most parents as they scramble to get everything together in time to send their kids back to school. Haircuts, fall clothes, new backpacks, and school supplies are probably just a few of the things on your to-do list right now. There is one item that is… Read More

5 Tips to Protect Your Child’s Eyes This Summer

Did you know that 80 percent of your child’s learning will be done with their eyes? Good vision is required to read, write, and use an iPad and other classroom materials. Without good vision, children can struggle with even the most basic tasks and fall behind. Summer means a break from school but you still… Read More

Cataracts | 5 Early Warning Signs | Eye Associates of Tallahassee

Many people believe that if there was a problem with their eyes, they would notice before it severely impacted their vision. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some of the most common eyes diseases like cataracts can develop so slowly and painlessly that people don’t notice the symptoms early on. A cataract is formed when… Read More